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It started over twenty years ago with a sense of humour, a talented painter Alice Oldland, her restless husband John, and The Little Blue House gift store in the lakeside village of North Hatley, Canada.

Alice, inspired by the countryside around her, had just finished a series of paintings depicting farmyard animals. Needing a venue to show her work, Alice opened a gallery above her gift shop The Little Blue House. John watched the paintings sell and thought he could create a line of aprons based on Alice’s artwork. John was right, the aprons sold and kept on selling. They quickly turned this cottage business into the company Hatley, supplying retailers with the best cow and pig aprons the world had ever seen. Cows and pigs gave birth to moose and bears, aprons led to gifts and clothing. Hatley thrived, but it was all so much work and John and Alice were looking for a life less complicated.

When retirement beckoned, John and Alice happily handed the reins to their three sons, Chris, Nick and Jeremy. Chris – the eldest decided he should be president, Nick – the only one who could draw became the designer, and Jeremy – the youngest, desperate to boss somebody around took over production. Restless like their father, the three boys quickly transformed and grew the company. They developed an extensive children’s line, created comfy women’s sleepwear and expanded into the gift market with napkins, kitchen textiles, mugs and much, much more.

Hatley designs are now sold around the world, and the three boys continue to ensure that Hatley stands for the same principles on which it started: family, good design, quality and of course, loads of laughs.

Chris OldlandPresident
Jeremy OldlandC.E.O.
Nick Oldland Creative Director

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We think we have figured out what Hatley and the environment is all about – quality.

Environmental awareness

After some soul searching, a few well-intentioned ‘green’ initiatives and some consulting fees, we think we have figured out what Hatley and the environment is all about – quality. This is the key factor because it means that the products Hatley makes are designed to last. Your PJs will make it to child number three, four and more. You won’t get tired of laughing at a pair of boxers and your raincoat won’t leak. A Hatley product will always have a place in your home and not in a dumpster.

When Hatley designs a product we try and ensure it’s made from natural fibers, in an environmentally sensitive way and at a facility that shares our values. We visit all the factories involved in making Hatley products. We make it a priority to understand the manufacturing processes, get to know the owners and develop meaningful relationships based on trust.

Our green policy is less about any one thing and more about making thoughtful decisions every day.

Lake Massawippi

North Hatley, (Hatley’s namesake), lies on Lake Massawippi in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. The lake, local tourism and residents have suffered tremendously from the discovery of cyanobacteria in the water. Founded in 2007, the Hatley Massawippi Water Initiative is a program dedicated to helping the local North Hatley community maintain clean and adequate water resources, to protect the health of its local residents in addition to maintaining local industry. Hatley donates a percentage of its profits and resources each year to the Lake Massawippi Water Protection Association, a lobby group that exists in an endeavor to preserve the quality of the lake and its watershed.